Sustain­ability report 21 | 22

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energy solutions

Innovation and technical success is what drives us – it’s in our DNA.

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Security of supply

Security of supply is our ­mission, and we are fully ­committed to achieving it.

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Safe and
resilient facilities

Safety and security are our number one priority, and we are committed to maintaining them whatever the circumstances.

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Climate and
environ­mental protection

Resource conservation and climate protection start on our own doorstep. And that is what we are working on.

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We are moving forward, showing what is necessary and possible to realize sector coupling and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Responsible employer

Know-how, diversity and equal opportunities are the driving force behind our innovations and success. We are committed to providing our employees with excellent, flexible and safe working conditions, and with an environment that supports them in making the best use of their abilities, expertise and experience, and promotes their development.

Strategic focus on sustain­ability

We firmly believe that our future energy landscape must offer security of supply, and be climate-friendly, technologically open and interlinked. As a company with a strong sense of responsibility, we aim to play an active part, bringing our know-how, practical experience and innovative capabilities to bear on the rapid realisation of a sustainable energy system.

Environ­mental protection

Environmental protection and responsible stewardship of Austria’s natural resources are paramount in all of our activities and work processes.

Sustainable procurement

It is important to us to maintain relationships with suppliers and partners who are also committed to responsible corporate governance approaches, and to use clear and transparent processes for procurement and the award of contracts.

Strategy – strong focus
on sustain­ability

Sustainability lies at the heart of our strategy.

annual energy
of the purchase-relevant
order volume for supplies and
services comes from Austria


Sustainable and responsible management helps to make us fit for the future and ensures our long-term success.

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We live up to our responsibilities and are already working proactively to shape the sustainable future of energy.

Enjoy reading our Sustain­ability report!

We are pleased to present the third Sustainability Report of RAG Austria AG. It contains information on sustainability-related topics for the financial years 2021 and 2022.

Click here for the Sustainability report