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Sustainability report 21|22

Responsible employer

Know-how, diversity and equal opportunities are the driving force behind our innovations and success. 

2021 | 2022

  • Training focus on project management and self-management
  • Enabling mobile working*
  • Diversity Charter signed

2023 | 2024

  • Austrian Labour Ministry ‘equalitA‘ seal of quality for the promotion of women within the organisation
  • berufundfamilie certification (promotion of a better work-life balance and creation of family-friendly workplaces)
  • Increasing the proportion of women employed by the company to 30 % by the end of 2024
  • Inclusion of a mandatory sustainability target as part of annual target agreements for all employees

* ‘Mobile working‘ includes home office as well as working from another location.

We are committed to providing our employees with excellent, flexible and safe working conditions, and with an environment that supports them in making the best use of their abilities, expertise and experience, and promotes their development.

RAG as an employer

As a regional employer, we see it as our responsibility to create and protect jobs in the communities in which we operate.

In the labour market, we are competing for the brightest minds. Thanks to a motivated and satisfied workforce, our company has consistently low employee churn as well as an above-average retention period of ten years – both factors in our ability to keep technical and scientific know-how at RAG. As an attractive employer, we want to inspire even more women to enter technical professions going forward and motivate them to take on leadership roles at RAG. For us, diversity in the workforce means that different points of view are heard, allowing new solutions to emerge more readily as a result. 

Key values and principles that define our corporate culture

  • Corporate values
  • Management principles
  • Code of Conduct (also for suppliers)
  • Guidelines and policies 

Flexible working time models have become increasingly important for employees and job seekers in recent years. When offering company benefits, we make every effort to ensure that full-time and part-time employees are treated equally. Inevitably, not all of our work is performed by our own employees. Specific activities and services are outsourced to suppliers and, as such they may be covered by other collective agreements which sometimes provide for less favourable company benefits than those extended to RAG Austria employees. All of the jointly developed values and guiding principles that RAG employees and RAG managers stand for can be found on our website. 

The core values and behaviours that underline our approach to our work include mutually appreciative and respectful interaction as well as constructive cooperation. We actively encourage all of our employees and managers to take responsibility and make important decisions. 

Responsible for staff matters, the HR Department maintains an appreciative and constructive relationship with employees and employee representatives alike. Cooperation between the works council and management has always worked very well at RAG, and is characterised by open communication that stems from a sense of trust. In addition to the quarterly discussions with the Executive Board, there are regular meetings between the works council and the HR Department to liaise and share information. These meetings provide all concerned with an opportunity to exchange views on current personnel and organisational matters, as well as discuss any changes that may be required in the rules and regulations. HR and the works council also cooperate very closely when it comes to staff events (such as sporting or cultural events).

Great Place to Work

In 2022, RAG Austria AG became an official Certified by Great Place to Work® company, ranking fourth overall among the best employers in Austria. For us, achieving ‘Best Workplace‘ status is an especially important accolade as it shows that RAG Austria is perceived and valued by its employees as a reliable and attractive employer. 

At 85 %, the participation rate in the survey was extremely high. As a positive factor, the very well-balanced ratio of women to men and full-time to part-time employees identified among the respondents warrants particular mention. The highest level of consensus in the statements related to the topic of the working environment. This area covers pay, employee benefits, profit sharing, work-life balance, workplace design, and workplace health and safety. Relatively speaking, the lowest approval ratings related to areas including communication, delegation, team spirit and celebrating special events. It bears reiterating that these values were all above average, but even so, we want to continue to improve in these areas. In response, we will increasingly be focusing on the topics of communication, team spirit and cooperation over the next two years. The Effective Communication and Feedback & Feedforward courses, as well as an increased range of options for team away days are already setting the tone.

By offering numerous additional perks, we want to meet the individual needs of our employees by offering benefits and amenities that are aligned to their place of work and position. Examples include an annual company bonus, company pension fund contributions, insurance allowances, contributions to employee benefit funds, meal allowances, and a free health and sports programme involving a full range of activities.