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Sustainability report 21|22

Hand in hand: renewables and gas

The core questions for the energy future are: how can we carry renewable solar and wind energy over into the winter? How can we use these energy forms whenever we need them, regardless of the weather and the season? How can we make green gases and, above all, hydrogen widely available? And how can we make use of methane without generating emissions?

Our answer to these questions is an overarching sustainable energy concept consisting of sustainable energy solutions in combination with ‘renewables and gas‘, security of supply thanks to high-capacity energy storage facilities, and ‘sustainable energy mining‘. Combining conventional gas storage with renewables unlocks the problems of energy storage and creating a needsbased structure on an industrial scale. This allows us to provide solutions for a future of clean and reliable energy supplies.

RAG has the necessary resources, the infrastructure and requisite know-how that allow it to drive forward the development and roll-out of innovative, groundbreaking, carbon-neutral energy solutions based on green gas technologies. Internationally registered patents and numerous research projects as well as demonstration facilities operated in collaboration with industrial and higher education partners, including Underground Sun Storage, underline RAG‘s expertise in this field. Every year we invest around EUR 7 million in research and development. 

Our operations are divided into four areas and form the basis of our strategy and commercial activities:


Increasing gas storage and the withdrawal capacity of our energy storage facilities: high-volume, seasonal storage of conventional natural gas, biomethane and – above all in future – hydrogen to bolster security of supply in Austria and Europe, and support the expansion of renewable energy sources. 


Treating the gas we produce in order to provide marketable products is a key activity. This includes gas conditioning, hydrogen purification, and processing of methane and hydrogen into transportation fuels such as CNG, LNG or e-fuels.


Applying cutting-edge technology such as power-to-gas to produce hydrogen or green gas. Conversion also means the synthesis of methane (CH4) by combining carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2), and cracking methane to obtain hydrogen and carbon. The focus is on CO2-free utilisation of stored and captured energy.


RAG specialises in the production of natural gas and oil and their utilisation as valuable basic materials in domestic industry. By using domestic resources,we reduce dependence on imports, help to cut emissions thanks to shorter transportation routes, and strengthen domestic value creation.