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Sustainability report 21|22

H2EU+Store and H2 cross border

The focus of the H2EU+Store project is ramping up and accelerating production of green hydrogen for use in Europe, as part of the climate-neutral energy future. Against this backdrop, the project will involve creating the required capacity for renewable energy and hydrogen production in Ukraine, as well as expanding storage capacity in Austria and Germany and making adaptations to gas transmission to Central Europe to allow for imports of significant volumes of hydrogen.

The H2cross border initiative will model the entire value chain – from production and storage to cross-border transportation to consumers.

RAG Austria AG has been producing hydrogen in Pilsbach, Upper Austria, since 2015 as part of its research into seasonal energy storage; the hydrogen produced there has been certified as green hydrogen by TÜV Süd. As the next step, RAG Austria registered its hydrogen production facility in the Austrian biomethane register. The German project partners are working on logistics, transportation and distribution. Under the project, a customer in Bavaria will also receive cross-border deliveries of green hydrogen for the first time, turning the vision of a supply chain that extends to final consumers into reality.