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Sustainability report 21|22

Sustainable energy mining

RAG is pursuing a strategy for the sustainable after-use of former production sites. Under the banner of ‘sustainable energy mining‘, it centres on the use of natural reservoirs in porous sandstone strata (which are called pore reservoirs). Each of our reservoirs is evaluated to assess its long-term suitability for energy storage, green gas or geothermal projects. 

A large proportion of our underground natural gas reservoirs have already been converted into storage facilities for natural gas and other energy forms. The reservoirs are valuable and sustainable resources which ensure security of supply for Austria and Central Europe, and are a key component of a sustainable energy future. They enable significant volumes of conventional natural gas to be stored, and in future they will form the basis for seasonal storage of green gas and hydrogen, which can then be supplied in large quantities whenever they are needed. This is security of supply in action. 

RAG’s ‘sustainable energy mining‘ concept also means that existing production infrastructure – pore reservoirs, above-ground facilities and pipeline systems – can be put to efficient use as sustainable regional energy centres, and expanded. At the same time, operations will be climate-neutral.