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Sustainability report 21|22

RAG Austria AG’s sustainability targets

Stable operating environment

For RAG and its owners, it is essential to ensure that the company‘s values are upheld in the long run, and that our results remain stable. This takes precedence over maximising annual profits and the resulting dividend distributions to shareholders in the short term. This is achieved by means of our financial sustainability goals, such as ensuring full plant availability and the fine-tuning of innovative and sustainable business models.

Shaping the future together

Our employees are proactively shaping the energy future. They play a significant part in safeguarding reliable energy supplies at our facilities, which translates into security of supply in Austria and Central Europe. This is why we want to create suitable conditions for RAG’s experts so that they can apply their expertise in order to enhance energy solutions and help to implement our demonstration plants. 

Climate and environmental protection and openness to new technologies

Reducing GHG emissions and achieving carbon-neutral or carbon-free energy supplies are essential when it comes to meeting Europe’s climate goals. And the steps we are taking to convert our own energy supplies to climate-friendly sources, coupled with our innovative projects, will enable us and our customers to achieve these goals.